How to title an essay


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When we open a newspaper, magazine, article, or news feed, the first thing we pay attention to is the headline. Later we decide whether this information will be useful to us or not. The same thing works with essays. Interesting headlines are 50% success. They attract readers, make the article popular and fascinating. Despite the fact that the title consists of just a few words, writers often have difficulty when writing it.

There are different options, and many thoughts appear because sometimes it is not easy to write a headline that will blow the reader completely. It often takes too much time to choose the name of the material. If you often encounter a similar problem, then I will teach you to write beautiful and effective headlines in minutes. 


This kind of titles instantly affects the human mind, awakens curiosity, and attracts attention. Intrigue the reader! Let him linger on the title and want to get acquainted with all the information presented.

Target orientation

The correct title of the article is always focused on a specific target audience. It makes it clear to the person that the material was created just for him and will be useful to him. The name must fully meet the expectations of the target audience, and then it will really work.


When we search the Internet for specific information, we can see that not all the headlines are invented correctly. After reading them, the reader immediately thinks about whether the information will be useful to him and whether it is worth spending his time reading it. It works with essays as well.

The following rules will help you to come up with unique page headers easily:

During the period of essay writing, pay attention to essential words and phrases which can be used as ideas for the name of your composition.

Focus on the specific details and images that arise in the mind when reading the material, on the emotions that it generates.

Use the words “quality”, “effective”, “best”, “fast”, “easy”, etc . Very often, people need a push to start or continue to move towards their goals.