How to write a conclusion for an essay


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Sometimes it becomes much more difficult to summarize the work than to begin it. It is necessary to come to a beautiful conclusion in the text. Otherwise, your work will simply not be completed.

The competently written conclusion will be your cherry on the cake and will make the final impression of your work.

The reader should feel that you have fully covered the topic and completed all the tasks.

Before proceeding to the formulation of the conclusion, you must first perform the bulk of the work. In the process of writing an essay, you will realize your goals and objectives, which should form the basis of the conclusion itself.

Remember that in conclusion, you need to summarize all the information from the main part and the introduction of the text, then pay attention to the disclosure of the idea.

Depending on whether the conclusion is well written, it can be said whether the essay itself is interesting at all. The value of the conclusion is in the logical connection of the content of the work, as well as in the vastness of the story.


To write concise output, you need to do the following:

  • identify the main idea of ​​the written work (What did you need to prove, find out? Could you achieve this? What conclusions did you reach?);
  • write a work plan, according to which you clearly trace the content of the text and identify the main points that can be reflected in conclusion;
  • to merge all the small conclusions that you drew in the process of writing an essay into one big finished conclusion on the whole work, concisely sum up your thought

It is important to understand that the conclusion should not be empty. It is not necessary to write a lot of water in conclusion. Leave all emotionally colored statements for the main part.

Just write a short and beautiful result, then the conclusion of your essay will become genuinely worthwhile.

Writing Instructions

To begin, finish writing the introduction and the main part of the work and only then proceed to the conclusion. If you didn’t manage to cover the subject of the essay fully, correct it. Read the paper and write down your main thoughts and ideas on a draft.